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Lane Therrell is a freelance writer, family nurse practitioner and holistic health coach dedicated to helping others achieve whole-person wellness. She has a background in agriculture and a passion for the great outdoors.

Good Rest is Good For Us

Reflections on REST as a Component of Good Health A client recently summed up her over-all health by saying, “I feel like a hamster on speed in a wheel that’s on fire!” This woman’s colorful description mirrors how so many … Continue reading

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Practicing Encouragement: Honoring the Courage Within

When I look at the word encouragement, I see “courage” buried within: enCOURAGEment. I like to think of encouragement as a direct communication from the heart—a purposeful message that honors and supports courage. Since having courage means feeling the fear … Continue reading

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Passing Tests of Faith

For years, I’ve dealt with challenging life-situations by repeating to myself, “This is just a test of faith.” As if I could study hard enough to pass the test, and thereby resolve the issue. Lately, the tests of faith have … Continue reading

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Dynamic Emergence: What I Learned From Sea Otters

The English word emerge comes from the Latin root emergere which means “to rise out or up, bring forth, bring to light.” This word carries implications of revelation, prior concealment, and significance, and points toward the growth and development of … Continue reading

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Time for Healing

Mainstream healthcare shapes our concept of healing by programming us to seek chemical cures for all ills. Once we pop a pill, we expect to feel better instantly. We think of healing as repair of damage, but true healing is … Continue reading

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Animals Pure and Simple

Life is complex. We humans make it complicated. With our constructs, expectations, ruminations and flagellations, we manage to take the joy right out of existence. Thank goodness for our animal friends. They are blissfully uncomplicated. Simple. Basic. Pure. Their intentions … Continue reading

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My Personal Renaissance Plan

I know I’m not the only middle-aged woman to look into a mirror at the beginning of a new year and feel the urge to lose weight, get organized and meditate more. We’ve all been there—some of us multiple times. … Continue reading

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