The Three P’s of Pursuit

Going after your goals can sometimes feel like a thankless chore, a fool’s errand, the endless pursuit of an elusive dream. If you find yourself constantly asking the question, “When will I ever be ______ [fill in the blank]?” then you can use the three P’s of pursuit–persistence, perspective, and permission—to bring balance and harmony to your quest.

 Persistence – Three of the most powerful words in the English language are “never give up.” To me, those words mean believing– with every fiber of my being– that when one door closes, another opens up. Of course (especially these days), when a door closes, I keep an eye out for open windows, too, because I just never know what shape or form the new opening is going to take.

 Perspective – Always remember that your own baby steps might look like giant leaps to someone else. It all depends on your perspective. I like to take a systems approach to evaluating my own progress—looking at all the inputs and outputs with a sense of the big picture. Then I give myself credit for what I’ve achieved so far and celebrate my accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Then I can address the next steps I’d like to take.

 Permission – One of the most valuable gifts I’ve ever given myself is permission— permission to have fun and experience joy in every moment. Fulfilling our dreams and goals will certainly bring joy, but we can also have joy on the way there! It really is true that happiness is the journey, not the destination.  Every day, in every present moment, we have the opportunity to laugh, have fun, and otherwise experience joy.  The trick is to learn to banish any feelings of guilt for doing so. Amazingly enough, I’ve found that experiencing joy in the present moment keeps my perspective fresh and my persistence action-based.

 Now that I practice the three P’s, I no longer have to ask, “When will I ever be… ?” because I am taking joy in who I am and what I have in each and every present moment. This doesn’t mean I’ve given up on my dreams and goals for the future…far from it. It simply means I’m looking forward fulfilling my goals with joy in my heart every step of the way.

About lanetherrell

Lane Therrell is a freelance writer, family nurse practitioner and holistic health coach dedicated to helping others achieve whole-person wellness. She has a background in agriculture and a passion for the great outdoors.
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